Unique business outcome focussed insights and independent services for ICT operations in Germany and international markets since 2010.

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Articles published

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Current initiatives

Based on our broad international insights and network our initiatives support a various number of markets for ICT services (incl. business process services and global business services).

Vendor Management Journal

We are providing first hand insights into best practices in managing external ICT partners with this new publication, specifically for the German market. > German issue

IT-Services Trends Mid-Market Germany Study

As independent association, specialized in IT services markets and business we are conducting a comprehensive analysis on the use of outsourcing from buyer and advisor side perspective in Germany. > Support this study

Ukraine ICT Support Program (2023-2024)

Together with the German development agency GIZ we are supporting Ukrainian ICT companies in internationalisation.

Africa ICT Support Program (2023-2025)

Africa ICT is booming – lack of IT talent in Europe make Africa ICT the next big thing – professional, experienced and international! www.ict-africa.org

Startup Initiative IT-Sourcing

The Startup Initiative IT Sourcing aims to give German founders easier access to IT talent and optimally prepare them for working with external IT partners. > learn more

Network & Services

Enabling multi-location ICT service delivery

With our organically grown network to more than 30 markets and service delivery locations, we are positioned to offer unique insights and vetted connections for international cooperations, providing security and speeding up sourcing projects.

Support for ICT Markets and Services


With our publications we offer free access to market insights, best practices and opinions of senior ICT executives.


Knowing exactly your options of sourcing internationally is what we help you with – independent and efficiently.

ICT Sectors

We help ICT sectors to discover international opportunities and match with global competition for growth and  job creation.


Our events focus on real business insights, unique perspectives and matching connections between people and markets.

Market insights

Our experiences in ICT markets enables us to interpret information and data, so we can provide useful business insights.  


Our partner benefit from our broad reach in the market. We support con tent marketing and market expansion.

About us

The German Outsourcing Association is an independent member organisation supporting ICT sectors in Germany and internationally. Our ICT business insights and extensive network give us a unique position to assist ICT executives, companies and government organisation to optimise ICT services operations and delivery. We solve problems for our members and partners and contribute to digital transformations in German companies and in emerging economies.

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets


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