Startup Initiative IT Sourcing for Germany

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Startup Initiative IT-Sourcing

The Startup Initiative IT Sourcing aims to give German founders easier access to IT talent and optimally prepare them for working with external IT partners.

Due to our experience in the ICT markets and our unique network, we are able to support young entrepreneurs in the most critical points in founding and growing their business. These are product development, scaling and flexibility in building or integrating technical skills.

Our Services for Start-ups, Startup-Networks and Incubators

We support startup networks, incubators and startups themselves with relevant information, further training measures and contacts:


We support Startup-Events and Networks with shared knowledge, like presentations and webinars during events.


We provide initial advisory for startups in regards to accessing and engaging external IT-resources.

Workshops & Events

We provide special learning and networking opportunities during workshops and events.

Match- Making

We match Startups with a selection of vetted ICT service expert firms – on eye level with leadership contact and high personal engagement.

Business trips

Together with our partners we organise supported and moderated group visits to service delivery locations and service partners.



We are independent and with our experiences and network Startup can avoid common traps when engaging with external service partners. Our network also includes lawyers and business consultants.

Cost effective

Most of our services for Startups, Startup networks and Incubators are free of charge

Independent Mediator 

As association we are more a mediator applying our in-depth ICT sector insights than a traditional ICT consulting.

Free special partnership

In the framework of our Startup Initiative IT-Sourcing we provide a free partnership options for Startup-Networks and Incubators.


Please contact us for information, inquiries and special partnership

Stephan Fricke

CEO, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband e.V.

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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