Market observation and intelligence

Taking informed decisions is only possible with access to market data, insights and interpretation of sector experts.

Over the past decade we have been observing and been involved in the advancements in the ICT sectors in Germany, in the CEE region and in developing and emerging markets.

Our insights and unique view on German and international ICT business allows us to support decisions in sourcing projects and in IT operations.




This study focusses on the German mid-market segment that represents a large percentage of the economy. We will talk to IT departments and company leaders to create a realistic view on the standpoints of German IT-departments on the collaboration with external IT-services providers – inside and outside of Germany.

This will bring more transparency to the market and encurage decision makers in Germany to approach IT-outsourcing better prepared.

Our market intelligence services

As an independent ICT sector association with a wide international network we are contently observing the developments in different ICT markets. We analyse conditions and make conclusions about opportunities for clients and investors. We also offer individual market research services to companies that seek to better understand specific market segments.

Research Services


Follow our publications and channels for regular market insights or contact us for individual market research and analysis requests. 

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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