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Even companies have today more options than ever to work with experienced ICT services expert firms, there is very little to no transparency.

Communication and information are our most important tools for increasing the transparency in the market for ICT services in Germany and Europe.


Expert articles

Shared knowledge is the best way to connect teams with their competencies. We help our partners to do just that with our platforms and publications.


Our events and the events of our partners are perfect platforms to inform and present. We offer solutions to communicate with audience and the general market.


We produce and distribute sector analysis, location information, corporate info papers, best practice papers, market information.

Info campaigns

Based on our demand long work in the ICT sector in Germany, Europe and internationally we offer our insights into the service provider landscape to identify matches to vetted service partners.

Your advantages

Added reach

With over 3 mill. connections and several publications and channels we offer one of the biggest outlets for information on ICT business practices.

Knowledge focus

Our publications are knowledge centred, which results in interested readership and followers.

Free access

Our publications and channels are accessible without fees, thus they maintain a high level of engagement.


Our publications are based on our expert network, thus more personal, practical and engaged.

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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