Interest representation

Independent - locally and globally

ICT Services Association for Germany and global markets

Strong markets need a unified representation

Interest representation means for us creating transparency and an equal relationship between all market participants.


We represent the interests of all market participants – service buyers, service providers, consulting, education and the public sector.

However, our initiatives are centred around the needs of ICT services buyer in Germany and thus are driven by the demand side and not the service provider side!


We represent the German market for ICT services globally and in all market segments. We maintain connections with major ICT sector associations, and government organisations in order to create a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the German market. 


Information and networking are our most important tools in representing the demand side in Germany.

We maintain own media and publications, we research and analyse, we advise and we connect.

Our Services for a strong interest representation

With our publications and services we provide platforms and occasions for voicing opinions and needs of market participants and thus can effectively negotiate interests for better business outcomes.

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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