The benefits of strong inter-industry connections are undoubted. More so in economic sectors that are very complex and based on cross boarder relations such as the ICT industry.

The German Outsourcing Association is one of those inter-connecting points, providing support for its members in critical areas such as information and data, public relations, communication and enabling connections.



Full corporate membership (Germany only)

A full membership for German service providing organisations, service buying orgranizations and consulting companies

Full corporate membership:

900 EUR / year

Supporting membership*:

1.800 EUR / year

Associated corporate partnership

A partnership for non-German service providing companies.

This partnership has no voting rights.

Associated corporate partnership:

900 EUR / year

Supporting partnership*:

1.800 EUR / year

You can also opt for a personal membership (Germany only, 250 EUR/year) or if you are a student with an official university enrolment for a student membership (Germany only).

* the supporting membership / partnership is an option for companies that wish to support the work of the association. Supporting members/partners can use a special logo to indicate their extended engagement in the market.


Abstract of members (corporate and personal members)

Public organisations we have been working with ...

major public organisations, ICT sector associations, embassies, and donor agencies from more than 20 countries.

Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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