Ukraine - Africa ICT Business Connect and Support Program

Public ICT Sector Support Program

International ICT Market Connect and Support

The purpose of this program is to support selected Ukrainian and selected African IT specialist companies in their efforts to internationalise business and services delivery and take advantage of favourable conditions and access to markets.

For Ukrainian companies we provide access to pre-qualified, internationally experienced IT services companies in Egypt, Ghana and Rwanda to fast-track multi-location services delivery and to gain immediate access to top-qualified IT talent.

We are convinced that in order to support Ukraine’s ICT sector and its competitiveness on the global market, Ukrainian IT companies must implement a future-focussed multi-location service delivery strategy that helps to gain a long-term competitive edge in terms of operating cost and immediate access to managed IT-talent without the need for investments in own subsidiaries in foreign countries.

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Company Catalogue Ukraine

All participating companies are included in the Ukraine IT company catalogue with a double page company profile.

The catalogue is shared among the participants to evaluate a potential fit for collaboration.

Outsourcing Journal Special Edition Ukraine

All participating companies are included in the Outsourcing Journal Special Edition Ukraine “Effective contingency and business continuity for worldclass IT serevices”.

No additional cost. We offer the inclusion with a shared knowledge article and / or half page company profile. Participants in the Berlin Meet & Match event are named as sponsors of the edition. 

Release date: October 2024

Company Catalogue Africa

All participating companies are included in the AfricaIT company catalogue with a double page company profile.

The catalogue is shared among the participants to evaluate a potential fit for collaboration.

Info and Meet and Match Event Series Berlin

In our first round we invited all participants to a series of events in Berlin in March 2024:

German Startup IT Sourcing Workshop

Meet & Match event

Future Day German SME

International networking during the Berlin event series

German Startup Workshop IT-Sourcing

Ukraine Africa IT Meet and Match

Ukraine Africa IT Meet and Match

Zukunftstag Mittelstand 2024 Berlin

July 16th 14:00 – 16:00, online

European - African ICT Business Panel (online)

First real location discovery conference, offering compact location insights from independent ICT sector experts and local ICT business executives.

  • Get to know the conditions in the ICT sectors in Egypt, Ghana and Rwanda
  • Get insights from local IT business leaders about international projects and collaboration experiences 
  • Learn how an managed IT-talent model allows almost immediate access to top-qualified IT-talent and cost reduction for your IT projects

… and more


Guided service partner / location discovery process

For interested Ukrainian IT companies we have prepared a guided business essay connect process in which we match according to demand and specialisation of potential IT business partners. Objective is to make this as efficient as possible and add our insights as independent mediator to the process, ensuring successful initiation of partnerships.

Info call or meeting

We invite interested / pre-selected Ukrainian IT companies for an informal call or meeting to evaluate a fit for the program.

Demand and supply 

We qualify demand and possible opportunities for collaboration – e.g. foreseeable demand for java senior developers, Ai developers …

Matching and introduction

We match based on your demand with selected supply side companies in the program.

Select potential partners

We present you suitable partners from the program participants and you select the ones you would like to talk to.

Business meetings/calls

We arrange for meetings / calls with selected potential partners and assist in the conversation if needed.

Business support

We provide support to collaborating parties where needed, e.g. in form of a legal advisor for questions about contracts etc.

Time efficient online discovery process and in-person meeting opportunity 

The second round of meet and match is organised online, so that all participating companies save time and resources. We also include an in-person meeting opportunity during the WeAreDevelopers World Congress (8,000 participants) taking part on July 17-19th in Berlin (entrance fees not covered by the program).


This program provides a guided location expansion plan – secure, pre-qualified and with no cost for the participating companies.


We only selected potential business partners that we know and have international experiences and thus can match expectations of Ukrainian IT companies

Business development 

The program provides several business development related features, such as inclusion of all participants in several publications and a free membership with the German Outsourcing Association

Cost effective

Discovering new services delivery locations and opportunities can be a lengthly and costly process. We save you hours and money and provide an almost instant access to cost effective IT-specialists from emerging ICT sectors.

Independent Mediator 

The program provides an independent environment for goal orientated conversations without the one-sided sales pitches. The German Outsourcing Association is and independent mediator in the process – free of charge.

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Please contact us for information, questions and application for the program

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CEO, German Outsourcing Association


Independent ICT market support for Germany and international markets

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